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The quality first of all

Continuous assistance, attention, efficiency, commitment are the principles upon which the philosophy, as the basis of the model of quality that distinguishes our professional activities through which Concrete Service consolidates a network of services more in line with customer requirements.

Knowledge and professionalism

We service all of our clients the professionalism and knowledge even in the most advanced and modern construction technology, in which we firmly believe.

Our goal is to provide the customer with a wide and varied range of products and technologies for the durability of the work in time.

Our technicians ensure professionally specific information and assistance necessary to the development of targeted projects: the “Know-how” on which you can rely.

Advanced technologies

Businesses that offer cutting-edge efficiency and safety performance to customers, through the constant use of high-tech tools and computerized.

Customers at the
center of our work

Our mission is to provide a timely response to the specific needs of the concrete reality of the world and be close to the needs of suppliers and users. Concrete Service is a team of professionals offering solutions that meet the current regulations and that respond effectively to everyday problems in a direct line.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.

Andrew Carnegie


Concrete Service realizes and coordinates the customer’s project

Our start to finish solutions

Our activity aims at the coordination and real management of the entire project that the client wants to pursue, allowing a fair effectiveness in achieving the objectives set by it. Our business plan is characterized by peculiar properties:

Know how
The operating mode
Proper planning of checks
Correct identification of the facilities

Sustainable Development

A strategic commitment

Sustainable Development represents a strategic commitment for Concrete Service: aware of its social role, we are committed to guaranteeing socially responsible behavior on the part of all its collaborators. Concrete Service believes that Sustainable Development, capable of expressing the right balance between the creation of economic value, environmental protection and social responsibility, constitutes the very basis of its future.





Special concretes

We believe that innovation plays a fundamental and winning role, which is why we also treat special concretes:

  • Self-compacting concrete
  • Sustainable concrete
  • Lightened concrete
  • Colored architectural concretes
  • Sulfoaluminous cements
  • Alkaline activated material with low environmental impact

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