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Our work aims at the coordination and management of the real project that wants to pursue the customer, allowing a fair effectiveness in achieving the objectives it set. Our business plan is characterized by the following unique properties so listed:

professional competence;
the operating mode;
identification of vehicles and / or tools to facilitate communication between those involved in the project;
the proper documentation;
the proper planning and controls;

All this of great benefit to the achievement of the project objectives to be achieved.
More than ever, the customer is at the center of our attention because the value we create for him is a guarantee of success and profitability of both. The customer is the center of our actions and our innovations. The passion for our work has enabled us to continuously developing and sensitive attention to technological developments based on some basic principles:

professionalism and seriousness;
continuous research in technology development aimed at just savings while respecting the laws;
quality of certified and correct method of use;
creativity in the design of the "mix-design";
the customer at the center of our attention and suggestions.

Technology and Quality

  • Design concrete mix design
    Realization mix / design of concrete with specialized software for the various types of curves corresponding proportionate to the need.
    Single study design mix required.
    Studio qualification mixes that meet the standards.
    Formulation of the recipe.
  • Qualification tests of concrete
    Optimization of the mix or mix concrete in the laboratory.
    Testing of fresh and hardened concrete provided by law.
    Industrial test qualification on the mix or the mix of concrete including all tests on fresh and hardened concrete required by the standards in force.
    Drafting of the report of the technological tests including the study of optimization of the mix or mix.
  • Control concrete constituents
    Control of aggregates for concrete according to the legislation in force (UNI EN 206-1 and UNI EN 12620).
    Control of cements according to current standards (UNI EN 197-1).
    Control of the additives according to the current regulations (EN 934-2).
    Check the water used for mixing according to local regulations (UNI EN 1008).
  • Quality Control of concrete on site
    Acceptance control of concrete in the construction site when required by the Technical Standards for Construction (DM 14/01/2008).
    Performance of tests on fresh concrete (cubic or taking of samples of fresh concrete clindrici, tests for determining the workability of the concrete through the Slump-Test, determination of air content, determination of the density of the fresh concrete, the composition of the fresh concrete, exuded water detection in concrete, etc.).
    Performing tests on hardened concrete (cubic or taking of samples clindrici of hardened concrete, determination of density of hardened concrete, compression, bending tests, tensile test known as the "Brazilian", the determination of drying shrinkage, modulus elastic, determination of the characteristic resistance, detection of shrinkage, concrete hammer testing, non-destructive tests on the concrete works, etc..).
    Minutes, reports, forms and documents used for the above tests.
  • Advice for disputes on concrete
    Regulations, qualification and preliminary tests.
    Checking whether the supply of concrete, quality control of compliance and acceptance of the concrete
    Evaluation of resistance in work and criteria for testability.
    Assessment of legal liability.
  • FPC (Factory Production Control)
    Preparation of the Quality Manual for the control of factory production for concrete.
    Preparation of the Quality Manual for the application of ISO 9001.
    Preparation of the Quality Manual for the CE marking of the aggregates.
    Interface with the institutions authorized by the Higher Council of Public Works to certification.
  • Special concrete
    Design and testing in situ of Self-Compacting Concrete (Self Compacting Concrete).
    Colored architectural concrete design.
    Study for the construction of concrete lightened structural and no.
    Construction of special concrete for floors, screeds, projected, fiber, etc..
  • Concrete ecological
    Optimization for concrete mix useful for drainage.
    Study of a wide range of colored concrete drainage and architecturally.
    Design of concrete with a low CO2 content and comply with the environmental standards.
    "ConcreteWhite" concrete with white cement that respects the environment.
  • High strength concretes
    Optimization for concrete mix used for the prefabrication sector (RCJ).
    Design of high strength concrete for floors, bridges, viaducts, etc..
    Study of high-strength lightweight concrete.
    Optimization of mix-design of concrete that meet the most demanding requirements for durability.
  • Organization of training courses and conferences
    Courses for beginners and advanced information technology for service representatives technology.
    Courses for plant operators, drivers, truck drivers and palisti.
    Courses for sales managers and / or plant.
    Organization of conferences with hostesses and presenters.
  • IT Consulting
    Planning on concrete batching plants of automated programs.
    Constant and direct assistance through remote access.
    Planning Satellite direct on the supply of concrete.
    Technical design of the mix, correlations slump, cycle data, control charts using specialized software in the industry.